A female photographer is stuck during a riot with a man she doesn't trust.
by Nishanthi Evani
13 Min / India



Fearless is an important film about how pre-concieved notions warp your perception of a situation. The humanity of a person is leeched away and they become mirrors for your fears, rage and failure of empathy.
A photographer, upper-middle class & educated, is trapped in a small space with a man who tries to protect her when a riot starts. She begins to question the man's motives. And when a small mis-communication fires up, she begins to fear for her life and events take a more violent turn.
There is a very interesting moment in the film, when the bustling area the women finds herself in is suddenly deserted and quiet after a riot starts. The photographer and her protector rush away from the noise of the the unseen rampage, until they find themselves in a small toilet. Slowly you realize that the women brought the outside in with her. The casting of the film is perfect. Shaanti, plays her part to perfection and Pramod Sanghi does a brilliant job of representing the underrepresented, and bringing multiple shades to the character of the male protagonist.
Produced by Rockstar Studios, the film is a very earnest and honest, and deserves the widest audience possible.