Twinkle Patel on acting, love stories and time travel! by ShortFilmWindow Team

August 11th, 2015

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"Strangely the character is so so much like me.  When I and Arati started discussing the character, I would end up saying that's just me!"

Twinkle Patel is an incredible presence on screen and the heart of Time Machine. She brings a sense of positivity and sincerity to anything she does. We speak to her about how she entered acting, her character in Time Machine and time travel.

Hi Twinkle! Can you tell usTwinkle something about your childhood? How did you get into acting for films?

My family is from Mumbai but I did my schooling in Lonavla. Acting was something I never thought of consciously, I loved the stage but was always scared of it. I was a shy child. No one who knew me thought I would end up into acting.

I came to Mumbai for studies and acting just happened to me. It started with auditions for fun but then I started working and then it kept growing from there.

  If you built a time machine, which would be the first stop?
I love the idea of reincarnation so I would immediately go to my past life and see what I was upto!

You play Mishti, the imaginative new girl in Chetan’s class who he falls madly in love with. Arati Kadav wrote the film and you character but tell us one thing about Misthi that is not in the film, that not even Arati would know?
Mishti was a school girl and I was very apprehensive about playing a school girl. But I guess Arati saw it in me and helped me through. Strangely the character is quite like me with similar experiences and notions.  When I and Arati started discussing the character, I would end up saying that's just me!Mishti

Mishti has a lot of layers. She believes in love. I think, one thing about Mishti that is not in the film or even Arati doesn't  know is that Mishti would get back with Chetan- at least that's what I believed. She wouldn't leave Chetan alone in his old age! I believed in that hope.

Time Machine is a love story about Chetan and Misthi but hints that it might not have a happy ending, that it is a love they will grow out of. Do you believe in happy endings?

I totally believe in happy endings. When there is love the ending shall always be happy!

Q) What is the most cherished experience you had on Time Machine?
I have learned so much from this film. The whole film is very close to my heart and frankly I did not want it to end. It's been a while & it's still as fresh it was for me as it was the first day of the shoot.

Mish_2Besides shooting on the set, we had amazing reading & rehearsals. Arati as a director was clear, patient and helpful and so nice to work with. She would make us do scenes and see what we would do as the character. And from there we discovered the essence of the character. As an actor this film anchored me and helped me internalize a person or a thought. Most of the times in the film, I could feel certain things like - subtle embarrassments when someone questions you on your parent's divorce, the fear of future (Mishti hated uncertainty in relationships) and even general musings (that makes up the telepathy sequence). 

As far as shooting is concerned, for me, the green screen day was most memorable and fun and a first :)!
Thoughout the shoot, it never felt that Arati and Zain were producers or that it was an indie film. There was absolutely no pressure on us. On locations, they would just concentrate on getting the best out of everyone. Also I learned from Arati -how she worked day & night and made little things herself. It was absolute pleasure watching that!

Q) What are you working on next? When can we see more of your work!
I am doing a TV show called Ishqbaaz for Star Plus which should be on air by December this year. Am excited about it!

Time Machine is available online at and can be viewed here



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