If there was a possibility of true love in a dark Mumbai night.
by Rohit Vishwakarma
9 Min / India



A reclusive man sees an attractive woman in the bar, there is an exchange of fleeting glances and when he leaves, he forgets his lighter behind. What are the various alternatives Mumbai will throw at him. Forerunner is a short film about missed opportunities and chance meetings in a rain-soaked and jazz-infused Bombay city. The filmmaker gives tribute to Wong Kar Wai's romanticism in his frames and it is quite visible in his choice of images, use of colors, lingering shots, lamps, and mood creations.  Rohit Vishwakarma is a very interesting voice to watch out for and we can't wait for more work from him! 

More about the Director:

Rohit VishwakarmaRohit Vishwakarma is an independent filmmaker from Bombay. He has been writing and directing films across different genres and mediums since 2014. While working in bookstore he came across some books on photography and writing where he mastered himself through reading about it in his free time. After that he started working professionally as a freelance photographer and developed a urge in writing. Forerunner is his first short film and writing experiment. He is currently working on developing his first feature film and other shorts.