Kung Fury

The current internet sensation- an 80s style comedy action film that has Hitler, Vikings, Dinosaurs, Transformers and lots of Kung Fu.
by David Sandberg
31 Min / Sweden

ComedyFantasyDisaster Porn


Think Dinosaur (with laser eyes), hot vikings, Thor, Hitler, Time Travel and Kung Fu. Add to it 80s style video games, cheesy one-liners and lots of humor. And now think that is your normal- your baseline.

 An over the top internet sensation - and really really over the top- where else will you see video game saying "fuck u" back and shooting a man's head and zooming off, breaking the ceiling and turning into a transformer style robot looking for coins to activate oneself- yes and this is the first one minute!.
The core story is about a Miami Police Department detective and martial artist Kung Fury who time travels from the 1980s to World War II to kill Adolf Hitler, a.k.a. "Kung Führer", and revenge his friend's death at the hands of the Nazi leader. An error in the time machine sends him further back to the Viking Age.
The film has kick-ass action, a sense of irreverence and tons and tons of energy! It is clear that the director (writer and the actor David Sandberg) has gone all out and there is one genius at work there!

 We did feel that somewhere towards one-third, we were missing a strong narrative but the film just picks post that and ends in a way that leaves you wanting more! Apart from dazzling visual effects, the few things that remain as good after-taste is traveling in a video game to time travel, the discussion on mustaches by two nazi soldiers and the crazy ass acting by the Hitler when he is addressing his followers. Kung Fury was funded by kickstarter when the lead and the director, who gave everything  up - his job and invested his money to make this film, ran out of funds. With over 2 million views, it is one of those internet hits - that you just cannot miss!