A father picks up his daughter from school and they walk home. She is in a bad mood and her father tries to talk her out of it. The girl is confused, scared and a little angry with her father for

India/5 MIN
Dir: Surya Balakrishnan

IndianBed Time StoriesDramaFamily

Mumbai, a concrete jungle where only the fittest survive. But what about the ones who struggle to exist? 'Mi aani Mi' is the story of one such boy. Brought up in a typical Maharashtrian family,

India/6 MIN
Dir: Shardul More


From the user submitted section, we present NAAD, a film by Indraneel Nighojkar. Every year, Maharashtra, like many other states in India, celebrates a big festival as part of its culture. In

India/14 MIN
Dir: Indraneel Nighojkar


Impeccably performed and superbly casted, Chuski is one of those rare authentic gems that tells a profound story in the most simple way. Sangita is a middle aged housewife in a lower

India/14 MIN
Dir: Utsav Sarkar