Lies We Tell Each Other

A film about relationships. about the good times and bad. about the laughter and tears. about people. and the lies they tell.
by Siddhartha Tongaonkar
3 Min / USA, India



Amongst lockdown short films, Lies We Tell Each Other comes across as a fresh icecream  on a hot summer day. 

Lies are usually considered to be black or white; but there are many lies that function in a moral grey area that no one talks about.  Ranging from 'you look nice today' to 'i'm not cheating on you'. Everything said in the film is a lie. 

It's a film made during the pandemic by a bunch of students/recent graduates. It's shot entirely through webcams. The film goes against the norm of pandemic short films shot in one location and with usually one character but instead has many characters (lots of fresh brilliant actors with lot of buoyancy in their performance) coming together just to compile all the casual lies we tell everyday in our day to day conversation.

The Film is directed by Siddhartha Tongaonkar and has a fantastic fresh cast who are still in acting school and show lots of promise:

adil zubair
devon borkowski
danny houk
alanah allen
philip kramer
ella wu
spencer steeby
cecelia auerswald
subin kara ahn
marie mantz
kenneth huynh
chris angeliszuha ali
vandana iyer 


The producer, editor, writer, and director is the same person. The actors shot, staged and recorded live audio on their end. 

About The Director:

Siddhartha is a writer-director from Mumbai, based in NYC

. He worked at Rajshri Productions - one of the oldest Bollywood productions houses - before coming to New York to study filmmaking. He comes from a typical Indian family who were shocked on learning his decision to drop out of engineering and throw away a promising career just to make two minute short films on

 a borrowed Sony digicam. Siddhartha’s dream is to make films exploring moral and ethical grey areas, and lies we tell each other is his first film to do so.