Mars One Way

Interviews of 5 people who have signed up for Mars One Way.
by Skylar Nielsen
11 Min / USA

Short Doc


A fascinating documentary of 5 people who have signed up for one way trip to Mars.

What could have been a pop video, evolves to become a poignant documentation of modern life and our existential diliemma. Are we just mere dust particles floating through space and time, or there is something more to us. What is our purpose? What is ours that we leave behind when we goto other world forever? Why would we take that call volutarily?

What is fascinating is that most of the reason and rationale behind going to Mars is less about exploration and science and more about escaping their lives on Earth.

Again a great short on existential crisis- on wanting more from life than it provides you and hoping that a radical decision would act like a magic wand. Sad, meditative, melancholic. A great documentation of urban life in America.