Money Order - Wait of a decrepit

How the wait for money order changes life of a father.
by Kailash S Bhavan
16 Min / India



The story revolves around the life of an old man,a decrepit who is longing for a money order from his son who resides in Mumbai. The story reveals the life of a neglected father who finds it hard to meet the daily needs of life all by himself. Though he is alone and weak he cares for others. One among them is the postman friend, the only blessing in disguise!.  Despite the fact that Raghavan lives with a burden of silly debts and always getting taunted by the house owner,he is a loving father who is reluctant to speak or think ill of his son,who deserted him.

The 16 minute short film depicts how Raghavettan's daily life incidents changes with a lapse of 1 week and his realization of the reality.