A harmless task turns into a life-and-death situation in this tense thriller
by Victor D. Ponten
10 Min / Denmark



Tense and to-the-point thriller about a man who is given a casual errand which then expands into an assassination.

You travel with Rick, and he is such a harmless, awkward-looking blank that you quickly identify yourself with him. He seems like a man who does small, odd jobs for a much more powerful absent crime-boss. But today is the day his boss has decided to give Rick a promotion.

Here identification with characters, which we as story-consumers naturally grasp for and storytellers helpfully provide, plays with suspense and our expectations. We know enough about Rick to know that he is not a bad man, but not enough to know whether he will kill another man. We also know enough about his possible victims to not like him all that much, but not enough to actually wish him dead. The film extends this excruciating waiting game as long as possible with long following shots and meandering conversations. And appropriately this short, gritty thriller ends at an old and decaying outdoor theater in the middle of the forrest.