Pen Chor

Pen Chor is the story of Montek Singh Parker, a notorious pen burgler and his descent into the grim world of Pen Crime.
by AnKur Kapoor
No languages
8 Min / India



48 hours film-making competitions are tricky and Ankur Kapoor sent us his absolutely laugh out loud hilarious gem about Montek Singh Parker, a notorious pen burgler and his descent into the grim world of Pen Crime.  
Montek, a class 7 student loses his beloved Mont Blanc pen that was gifted to him by his 'Canada wale uncle'. Scarred by the event, he decides to steal his way back and become a pen collector that sends the city of New Delhi into the state of an epic mayhem.

Pen Chor was produced and directed by Ankur Kapoor, in collaboration with Pranay Manchanda and Arnav Nanduri as co-directors and producers. Made as a part of Delhi 48 Hour Film Project as an instinctive collaboration, the film was conceived, shot and edited within the span of a single weekend. 

The film went on to win Best Film, Best Direction, Best Editing and also an Audience Choice Award at the same competition. It also represented India at Filmapalooza at the Official 48HFP Awards Weekend where it was screened in front of a packed house at TCL Chinese Theatre In Los Angeles.

Director's Profile:

Ankur Kapoor is an independent filmmaker from Chandigarh and has been producing and directing films across different genres and mediums since 2007. While working professionally as a freelance cinematographer, he is currently working on developing his first feature film.

Pranay Manchanda is an actor and director based out of New Delhi. Post Pen Chor, Pranay has been actively worked as an actor in various plays and ad films. He was also one of the leads in the popular web series, Baked.

Arnav Nanduri is a writer and director based in New Delhi. He has written and directed various plays which have ran to full houses in New Delhi and won awards like the Short+Sweet Theater Festival, New Delhi.