T IS FOR TOILET [The ABCs of death]

A little boy is thrown into a disturbing nightmare when he is forced to use the toilet.
by Lee Hardcastle
No languages
4 Min / UK

HorrorAnimationDarkDisaster Porn


[Warning: Very Disturbing. Not for Children - 18+]

As we kickstart our horror fest, we present you the most popular film from ABC's of Death.

The ABCs of Death is a International indie anthology horror comedy film produced by international producers and directed by notorious filmmakers from around the world. The film contains 26 different shorts, each by different directors spanning fifteen countries. It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. T is for Toilet was one of the most super-hit film in that series winning love and internet tributes all over.

One wouldn't associate cutesy claymation, stop motion with gory life threatening horror - but outstanding direction (and mind blowing claymation) by Lee Hardcastle & sound design by Tim Atkins make this an absolutely chilling watch.  Lee doesn't hold back but goes all out with the gore and violence and though at one hand you are amazed by the new set of images and his crafton other hand your reflexes make you want to close your eyes as you cannot take the gore any more.

The idea is simple - an urban horror - where a kid is scared to use the toilet much to the amusement of his father. Was his apprehensions unfounded ?