Constable Tambe has had all he can tolerate and is now ready to snap!
by Devashish Makhija
11 Min / India



Taandav is a new film by Devashish Makhija starring Manoj Bajpai 

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 12.50.19 AM Tambe, the head constable at the center of the story, is a so constrained in his circumstances that the frame literally closes around him. Standing up for some kind of personal principles costs him the attention of his wife, loyalty of his colleagues, and maybe the love of his daughter. And then the world won't shut up around him. The accusing glances surround him and the noise beats him down. So sometimes the only way to break through a wall is to crash through it.

Manoj Bajpai is all seething stillness here, and you can foresee in his every gesture the violent outburst that is waiting to boil to the surface. The film evokes the frustration that comes with a sensory overload of noise and color in a loud, crowded and kind of irritating city, until the final infectious track (by Nucleya) comes on and the floor clears up for the dance of destruction begin. The film, like Taxi Driver the other angry vigilante movie it resembles, once the danger of an unhinged man with a gun has passed, he becomes a viral sensation.

Devasish Makhija and Manoj Bajpai have pulled off something very special here, a total cinematic experience to rival anything you can watch on the big screen, available on your laptop. You can watch Devashish Makhija's other film Rahim Murge Pe Mat Ro here.