A moving story about a man who comes back to his destroyed home to find a magical visitor
by Sofie Norgaard Kampmark
7 Min / Denmark

AnimationFantasyBed Time Stories


A man returns to his home after a tsunami has devastated it. The place is crab-infested and water logged. The roof has caved in and trees have grown through the home. The man ignores all this and goes about his work until he realizes that the Tsunami has left something else behind.
This is an incredibly beautiful short film, full of exact environmental details and music that overwhelms you. Liquid shadows and scattering sea-creatures create a mood of mournfulness and the amazing thing is that you aren’t even aware of any sadness creeping in until the gut-punch in the middle of the film. A really outstanding animation short.

(Wondering if this, the Namazu legends have something to do with the film’s deeper themes of forgiveness and moving on or it's just a beautiful coincidence. Probably the former.)