ShortFilmWindow is a snappy, intuitive, striking, mini-theatre that provides you priceless access to all the mind-blowing short films in this world. Its a window to the world that you never knew existed. Short Films are unbridled, ambitious, unique and daring work of imaginative directors -they are honest and brash – and ride high on adrenalin and fearlessness.

Why ShortFilmWindow?

Traditionally filmmaking was limited to film studios and the films were primarily seen in theatres. Then came TV, then the video player and now there is the internet! With the internet and leap in camera/editing technologies, all the barriers have been broken. One need not follow existing narrow pathways to find creative fulfillment. Filmmakers around the world today are making some really exciting short films and these films are increasing, becoming better and being watched.

ShortFilmWindow is your “farm to fork” site as far as filmmaking is concerned. We host all (and only) the awesome short films. And we review it for you, we reach out to the talented directors and artists involved with it. It is a complete ecosystem and it is by short filmmakers who believe short film is one of the strongest medium of storytelling existing on our times.

The core team consists of:

Arati Kadav, Founder:

Arati was a Computer Science student in IIT, Kanpur and worked at Microsoft, Seattle on large scale problems like Search. Later she followed her artistic passions and went to a film school to study Film Direction. She made 4 short films that went to 30+ film festivals and she very quickly realized the need for a central platform like this where filmmakers can directly reach their audience. Arati is a big (real big) sci-fi enthusiast and all her stories deal with AI and Time machines and Mars travel etc etc. She has dabbled a lot with stop motion and 3D filmmaking. She is on her way to make her first feature Cargo.

Zain Matcheswalla, Co-Founder:

Zain is a filmmaker – one of the most proficient writers and on some lucky months curates films writes some of the best reviews for it. He is instrumental in also having offline partnerships with various venues for offline screenings of short films.

Zenish Mehta, Designer:

Zenish Mehta is a trained animator and Graphics Designer from Mumbai. Apart from formal training, what is amazing is that amount of self-learning he indulges in – manuals, online courses, podcasts – he has immense knowledge in every subject. He has diligently worked across multiple versions of ShortFilmWindow – right from designing its logo to the shape of every button. A very mild-mannered guy, he loves Miyazaki and japanese animation. He is also a huge fan of japanese anime (Full Metal Alchemists) and his dream is to make an animation movie in India that hopefully is not too cheesy.

Team Ajency.in:

A team that has worked hard and owned the new site is the team of Ajency.in. They have gone beyond what was agreed upon contract and given their best in making this site the best site on short-filmmaking in the world. They work on very modern technologies, work with some big names and believe it, work out of Goa. They own the ShortFilmWindow’s platform and we are so delighted that we have someone like them watching our back and strengthening our backbone. Read more about them here.


Juno is our little beagle dog and the most respected member of the team (All hail juno!). Her job is to amplify every emotion and lick us non-stop when we work till late at night. We like her motto in life “eat, sleep and party!!”