What is Short Film Window

Well, as the name suggests, you can see our collection of short films here at no cost! We are a bunch of movie lovers and makers, who believe there are more like us out there on earth (and beyond!). That’s our little network. We will be happy for you to be a part of it.

Cool! Who makes these Short Films?

We welcome contributions from anyone who loves movies as much as we do! Currently its mostly film school students, indie-film makers and industry professionals who are contributing to Short Film Window.

I made a Short Film Yaay! How do I submit?

Congratulations and welcome aboard! Submitting is simple (much simpler than making the movie anyway). Fill up a form available and email it to us with a link @ emailid

– If your film has been selected for a Film Festival, we add the film to the window.
– If your film has not been selected in any film festival, first don’t fret. Once you submit, we will have a committee that will have a look at the film and decide.

Once selected, our person will be very happy to guide you to a process through which you can make the film available to the window.

Who are these “committee guys”?

Despite our shoe-string budget and our general aversion towards bureaucracy we have managed to still create one, to mainly keep a quality check. It will be a floating committee and will vary from film to film. We want to avoid rigid committees as that leads to personal biases. The committee will have a mix of 3 people –

– Industry professional
– Film school student
– A short film lover

My film was not selected what can I do (except going after the comm guys)?

Well if its serious work and wasn’t selected then we will give you a detailed feedback on to what we thought. If you disagree, you can resubmit for second opinion. We’ll be happy to review again. For your future films, you can request for a mentor and that mentor can guide you to make your film.

If I submit my film to Short Film Window can I submit it elsewhere?

Yes, definitely. Short Film Window maintains a non-exclusive contract with our contributors, no sweat! You can submit it at any place or film festivals.

Can my film make money through Short Film Window?

There are no fees charged to watch the short films, hence, there is no revenue stream for us or the movie makers except ads. If the film makes enough money on our site via ads then we share it. We don’t make money until you do.

What are my incentives to submit in Short Film Window?

Apart from visibility of your work, if your film makes in to most popular short films, we give out awards, opportunity to meet industry directors, visit film schools and learn. More importantly, you are part of our community, feel free to speak and share!