Café Regular, Cairo

Director by Ritesh Batra, the film shows a couple on a regular day in Cairo.
by Ritesh Batra
11 Min / India, Egypt



After two years together, Alaa and Mai encounter the first big crisis in their relationship in a café in Cairo. In this city, always changing and always relentless, the old and the new clash and anything might be possible.

This short by acclaimed director Ritesh Batra (of LunchBox) fame, shows his hold on the craft and demonstrates a keen eye for nuanced performances. A simple film, shot on a single location holds because of great casting, interesting dialogues and the unexpected point of discussion. To a certain extent this film questions our own assumptions of what we can expect from a seemingly conservative girl in middle east and hence it was important that it was set in Cairo.

This film has at over 40 international film festivals and won 12 awards including the FIPRESCI Critics Prize at the International Film Festival of Oberhausen and Special Mentions at Tribeca Intl Film Festival and Chicago International Film Festival. It was bought by Arte for French and German television.