Getting Fat in A Healthy Way

A tragic accident has disturbed gravity on Earth beyond repair, a boy falls in love with a girl, and must gain weight so he can venture outside and woo her.
by Kevork Aslanyan
No languages
21 Min / Bulgaria



In a truly inspired vision, the short film imagines a world where Gravity is weakened by an accident. People under a certain weigh float away into the atmosphere. Survival depends on body mass. Homes are controlled by gravity monitoring machines. Weatherman tell you the atmospheric pressure, and the people in this world accordingly carry weights in their pockets and bags. And in a world filled with reversals, when a boy falls in love with a girl, he must gain weight so that he can woo her.

There is a tragic core at the center of the story, of a father who must literally learn to let go of his son and the son who must discover the world for himself. The filmmaking in this short is top-notch with beautiful frames and interestingly designed shots and great acting. We can't wait for more work from the director.