Vienna Waits For You

An apartment that causes you to age overnight
by Dominik Hartl
26 Min / Austria



After breaking up with her boyfriend, all Anna wants is a quiet place to hole up. But Anna should have had a closer look at the fine-print of her rental contract – for the old Viennese apartment is a creature with never ending appetite, living off the youth of its residents. Only way to escape is delivering a new victim.

What if Wes Anderson, Michel Gondry or Tim Burton had decided to make a horror film? Vienna Waits for you is a delightfully beautiful film, with a well-developed narrative, lovable set constructions and beautiful lighting and shot taking. It mixes horror with comedy, and yet manages to keep you invested in the fate of the central character Anna.

Anna the protagonist does everything that a lay person would do in such a situation, I could imagine myself trying everything that she tried to get out of the contract fine print, but she fails. Eventually she decides to do something that makes us admire her. Inspite of being a horror, the film doesnt have a drop of blood. The human body seems to be made of threads and laces, to be absorbed and devoured by threads and laces of the world (or the apartment). There were places where I felt that the film has a leisurely pace and could be tighter, but the film quickly overcomes that and leaves a great aftertaste. The makeup and visual effects are noteworthy, espeicailly because inspite of them being unusal, they blend in so beautifully with the mood of the film. Its rare to find a good horror minus the gores and the zombies. The apartment looks warm and cozy and lived in- a far cry from ususal horror film apartments that look deserted and infested with creatures.

This short won best director and actress award at Shanghai International Film Fest. It also was official selection in numerous fests - Palm Springs and Fanatastic Fest.

The directors have shared the making of the film and it can be found here: