A Reasonable Request

An son has a very reasonable request for his estranged father in this adult short
by Andrew Laurich
8 Min / USA

Award WinningComedy


Trigger Warning: This movie is NSFW for sexual innuendo and adult themes.

Official Selection in Sundance, Raindance, SXSW and also winner of Best Comedy in HollyShorts. 

This review won't ruin the central joke in this film. A father meets his son in a diner. They have a strained relationship and their following conversation will try to lay the ghosts of the past to bed. But first the son needs his father to do something for him. 

The short uses its two actors to become more than just a punchline. Their casting is perfect and the decades of the acidic and painful relationship these characters share keeps glancing into the very weird, disgusting and creepy conversation that no father and son should never, ever, ever have.