PES enjoys a cult following from lots of animators and we thought on introducing our viewers to him. His innovative style involves using daily household objects to create regular food. (e.g hand granade as gaucomole)

Dir: PES


The cult animator PES world premiered his new short Submarine sandwich on the internet on 10th Dec. Here it is. Review coming soon.

Dir: PES


It's a matter of great prestige that Megha Ramaswamy's next short film Bunny is selected in TIFF 2015. Her previous film NewBorns was showcased in TIFF 2014. Here we present a brief trailer of

India/2 MIN
Dir: Megha Ramaswamy

IndianAward WinningSurreal

This highly effective short horror works on simple elemental fears of reaching the light switch on time, of being alone in your own room and possibly seeing shadows in the night.

Dir: David F. Sandberg


A man is trying to catch some sort of bug running around his room. He takes his shoes off and intends to crush it under the heel of his loafer. However as he slowly begins to track the bug down and trap it, things change dramatically but the man continues his course of action.

Dir: Christopher Nolan


David F. Sandberg and Lotta Losten are two people team who are making series of short horrors in their apartment (and as they joke - with their ikea furniture) and enjoying a cult following in

Dir: David F. Sandberg


The Interstellar season just got over and the Christmas season is setting in. As we read stories of colonization of Mars and making it our home, here comes an indie mokumentary that is a vision of humanity's expansion into the Solar System, based on scientific ideas and concepts of what our future in space might look like, if it ever happens.

Dir: Erik Wernquist


Kelvin was busy playing basketball one day and found a deer. He loved the deer and he loves money so he named the deer money. His fame shot up subsequent days as he recorded videos of himself

USA, India, UK/4 MIN
Dir: Matt Larsen & Kenneth Gug

Award WinningExperimentalShort Doc

Post-apocalyptic movies and books can also have a soothing aspect to them. The worst thing that can happen in the world has happened, and there is none left to feel it. All the great monuments

Germany/4 MIN
Dir: Roman Kaelin, Falko Paeper & Florian Wittmann


 About the Director: Karthik T. is studying DAE at the Arena Animations Institute at Jayanagar. This is his debut film.

India/4 MIN
Dir: Karthik T


An early short from Abhay Kumar, the national award winning director of Just That Sort of a Day and the upcoming, Placebo. The film is a single take narrative of two characters who realize

India/5 MIN
Dir: Abhay Kumar


Alive in Joburg is a short film that lead to District 9. And even if you have seen District 9, this short film is worth watching for its unique treatment of subject.

Canada/6 MIN
Dir: Neill Blomkamp