A disaster porn - a girl surviving an alien in a spaceship.
by Jeronimo Rocha
No languages
8 Min / USA

HorrorSci-FiDisaster Porn


Jerónimo Rocha’s scifi horror short Dédalo is reminiscent of Alien in both visuals and story.  Dust is a new channel specializing in scifi horror shorts and calls itself a bingeable scifi horror  short destination. We would call them Ramsay brothers equivalent of international shorts except that their production values are really high and the CGI is immaculate. For a short film, the film has a really decent production quality and superb performance by the lead. The film follows a woman who appears to be the lone survivor of a gruesome attack on her space freighter. Her frantic struggle to survive is suspenseful as hell, but the real draw here is that alien creature, specifically its freakishly spiky nails. We were expecting a lot more gore though.