Deep Emotion

A hilarious short film about every other student short film you have ever seen
by Justin Litton
10 Min / UK



The most hilarious "film about film" you will see today! 

Imagine making a film and have it seen with commentary by two bitchy film school professors, making jokes and clinking glasses about the latest sleep-inducing, cliche-filled exercise their students have put before them. Deep Emotion is just that - it juxtaposes a film school film about a boy dealing with grief over commentary by two professors analyzing the short's use of film language. Spoiler alert: They don't think the film holds up. 

A big big tribute to all the film-school filmmakers or to anyone who has made their first film very seriously- have used leg shorts on waking up, have tried hand at nudity for realism, have used retro phones because that is what was available in the prop room or have used hacks like line crew member's pictures for characters that won't appear on screen.

Must must watch for some very good brit humour. Brought to us by Man on Mars.

Warning mature content.