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We spoke to Ankur Kapoor Director of "The Passing" who mixes scifi with a certain absurdity, and is a voice we find truly unique. Here he spoke about his love for films, his unique influences

We spoke to Saurabh Gupta - Director of Sohum Shah Anushka Ranjan starrer Gulabi lens.   Hello Saurabh, where did you grow up?  I grew up all over India. My father worked for the

Goldphlake was one of the first lockdown shorts to come out in recent times. We spoke to the director Ashutosh Pathak on his restlessness, on casting Arjun, on shooting with Sharib amidst the

I’ve tried then to train myself in telling these question-riddled stories in as ‘accessible’ and ‘entertaining’ forms as possible, so that a wider set of individuals – wider both by age and culture – can access it, and be moved by it. The medium doesn’t matter.

SFW's Best Shorts of 2015 These were the most popular, the most watched and our favorite short films of the year. Each film and film-maker told personal stories and took the form in a new

"I wanted to try and make the vibe of Knives to feel like the sort of movie the main character would himself enjoy."