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It is generally said about Kubrick that all his films deal with such diverse subjects that it is hard to believe that it is made by the same person. In this essay I would try to formulate my synthesis of his films with emphasis on his philosophy, architecture, sound, music and use of colors.

The story of Siberia draws from and is dedicated to the story of Laika, sent into space in the Sputnik II. The film follows its central character, Reena, trapped a seemingly familiar scenario of a woman who believes that as she sits in her house, alone, she is accompanied by the looming presence of a large rat.

The Brain Hack Project is an expertly crafted short film about 2 students who are trying to create images who hacked the brain to see God and how they become target of militant religious

Recently concluded Toronto International Film Fest (TIFF 2014) had an Indian Director Megha Ramaswamy's short film NewBorns. It was quoted by many as being the best film in the section, and our

ShortFilmWindow is actually a conspiracy (by short filmmakers - that is us) to help filmmakers gain complete control over the distribution of their material. By doing this, we hope that

So you made a short film! In the best of all worlds you would have set aside a budget for festival submissions in pre-prod, had short-listed the festivals you wanted to submit to already and had