Fired on Mars

What do you do when you lose your job in one-way trip to Mars?
by Nate Sherman and Nick Vokey
7 Min / USA



Jef is a graphic designer or a guy who makes "thoughtfully designed graphic communication" on T-shirts and buttons on a Marian Colony. But the colony doesn't need him anymore and Ted is out of a job, but not out of Mars.

This beautifully detailed animation comedy drains all the romanticism out of space travel and outer-space colonization for laughs and existential malaise. People will lose their jobs on Mars too, they will be depressed and feel unwanted there too. There will be soul draining corporate culture on that final frontier too.

Eventually Jeff, ends up being a lonely homeless man haunting and wandering the Martian surface and the space colony with his dog, plotting a very complicated revenge on his employers and Brandon from Human Resources.