GoldPhlake is a lockdown short, a heart-warming comedy, made during lockdown 1.0 while the actors shot in complete isolation under the guidance of the director Ashutosh Pathak. A man (Sharib

India/11 MIN
Dir: Ashutosh Pathak


A young doctor, is assigned for her internship to a small hospital in Eerypur. Everything about that place seems unusal and weird and unexpected things start happening to her! The short is

India/15 MIN
Dir: Shilpa Srivastava


Ravan is a hilarious mockumentary on the last descendent of Ravan who works as a small time actor in the advertisement industry. As the last of his species he is harassed and chased by

India/4 MIN
Dir: Arati Kadav Zain Matcheswalla


Starring the endearing Beast of the Southern Wild child, an African family, lost in America, travels to a Louisiana church to find a cure for its problem child. Official Selection: Sundance Film

USA, India/12 MIN
Dir: Frances Bodomo

Sci-FiThrillerAward WinningDark

In a part-dystopian Central India, in the year 2022, territorial conflicts have arisen between the Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. Amidst all of this, a young man, Imaan, struggling to protect

India/29 MIN
Dir: Prannoy Mehta


In a city of a millions, everyday after work, a man and a woman meet each other. They turn their backs to the city and let the sea be witness to their relationship. But this affair can only last

India/6 MIN
Dir: Hardik Mehta


Dwaraka is film about a waiter, Kanha in a godforsaken hotel in Pondicherry, India and a woman, Radhika stuck in a purely functional, childless marriage. The two meet when Radhika comes to the

India/31 MIN
Dir: Isha Pungaliya

IndianAward WinningDrama

"What if one day another man, dressed like a joker, sits in the bus? You will probably confuse him as me".

India/08 MIN
Dir: Megha Ramaswamy


A cute-awkward, unromantically- romantic and unconventional story of an army man celebrating Valentines Day with his wife and trying to woo her. Watch his hilarious attempts and her indifference,

India/20 MIN
Dir: Adeeb Rai


In 2003, Japan was plunged into economic darkness, and its people needed a ray of hope. They found one in Haru Urara, a racehorse with a pink Hello Kitty mask and a career-long losing streak.

USA, India, UK, Japan/18 MIN
Dir: Mickey Duzyj

Award WinningAnimationShort Doc

Kelvin was busy playing basketball one day and found a deer. He loved the deer and he loves money so he named the deer money. His fame shot up subsequent days as he recorded videos of himself

USA, India, UK/4 MIN
Dir: Matt Larsen & Kenneth Gug

Award WinningExperimentalShort Doc

Hiroshima is a take, an interpretation of the horrific events on the fateful island, marking the end of the last World War. It is visual poetry, a melange of emotions and feelings merged into the

India/6 MIN
Dir: Chandan Roy Sanyal

IndianThrillerAward Winning