After an accident, an astronaut floats adrift in space, with less and less oxygen available to him. Aware of his impending death, he only wishes to speak to his daughter one last time. However,

India/16 MIN
Dir: Arati Kadav

Sci-FiAward Winning

The Passing is a very rare short film that has come out of India. At the core of it, it is a pro-exploration propaganda piece from a future where an Artificial Intelligence runs the world

India/10 MIN
Dir: AnKur Kapoor


Impeccably performed and superbly casted, Chuski is one of those rare authentic gems that tells a profound story in the most simple way. Sangita is a middle aged housewife in a lower

India/14 MIN
Dir: Utsav Sarkar


  55 Km/sec is a love story set on the last day of planet Earth. A cataclysmic event has occurred, life as we knew it is ending, and people have retreated into their shells as they wait

India/22 MIN
Dir: Arati Kadav


Fool's Gold is a peek into the life of an old man who has refused to vacate a dilapidated house in a prime location in Kolkota. The old man feels that it is important to guard it from various

India/9 MIN
Dir: Rachit Daruka

IndianShort Doc

    Mummy is a beautiful, tender, heartwarming film that captures the preparation of separation of 87 year old Zena and her 60 year old mentally handicapped son

India/17 MIN
Dir: Aditi J. Mody


Dear Athens is a fresh, personal, gentle and lyrical short film by Raghavi Agarwal. Ira, a traveller writes a letter narrating her experiences in the city of Athens. One day she meets another

India/17 MIN
Dir: Raghavi Agarwal


“The course of true love never did run smooth.” ― William Shakespeare True Love is one of those rare thriller, horror that keeps you hooked to its story and then disorients you, makes you

India/10 MIN
Dir: Ranjan Sharma


Mumbai, a concrete jungle where only the fittest survive. But what about the ones who struggle to exist? 'Mi aani Mi' is the story of one such boy. Brought up in a typical Maharashtrian family,

India/6 MIN
Dir: Shardul More


Left Behind shows the psychology of a  a scarred journalist who has lived his life suppressing the usage of his left hand due to societal prohibition on "the usage of left hands". Because of

USA, India/8 MIN
Dir: Anusha Rao


Amongst lockdown short films, Lies We Tell Each Other comes across as a fresh icecream  on a hot summer day.  Lies are usually considered to be black or white; but there are many lies that

USA, India/3 MIN
Dir: Siddhartha Tongaonkar


A rainy day is a probably a perfect day to watch this film where a man living on the streets gains access to a small house because of a broken grill and a happenstance that the owner, a girl,

India/21 MIN
Dir: Pratik Rajen Kothari