55 Km/sec is a love story set on the last day of planet Earth. A cataclysmic event has occurred, life as we knew it is ending, and people have retreated into their shells as they wait

India/22 MIN
Dir: Arati Kadav


Fool's Gold is a peek into the life of an old man who has refused to vacate a dilapidated house in a prime location in Kolkota. The old man feels that it is important to guard it from various

India/9 MIN
Dir: Rachit Daruka

IndianShort Doc

    Mummy is a beautiful, tender, heartwarming film that captures the preparation of separation of 87 year old Zena and her 60 year old mentally handicapped son

India/17 MIN
Dir: Aditi J. Mody


Dear Athens is a fresh, personal, gentle and lyrical short film by Raghavi Agarwal. Ira, a traveller writes a letter narrating her experiences in the city of Athens. One day she meets another

India/17 MIN
Dir: Raghavi Agarwal


“The course of true love never did run smooth.” ― William Shakespeare True Love is one of those rare thriller, horror that keeps you hooked to its story and then disorients you, makes you

India/10 MIN
Dir: Ranjan Sharma


Mumbai, a concrete jungle where only the fittest survive. But what about the ones who struggle to exist? 'Mi aani Mi' is the story of one such boy. Brought up in a typical Maharashtrian family,

India/6 MIN
Dir: Shardul More


Left Behind shows the psychology of a  a scarred journalist who has lived his life suppressing the usage of his left hand due to societal prohibition on "the usage of left hands". Because of

USA, India/8 MIN
Dir: Anusha Rao


Amongst lockdown short films, Lies We Tell Each Other comes across as a fresh icecream  on a hot summer day.  Lies are usually considered to be black or white; but there are many lies that

USA, India/3 MIN
Dir: Siddhartha Tongaonkar


A rainy day is a probably a perfect day to watch this film where a man living on the streets gains access to a small house because of a broken grill and a happenstance that the owner, a girl,

India/21 MIN
Dir: Pratik Rajen Kothari


The Walking Fish tells the story of an ambitious sea-creature that pursues her dream to join the human world by becoming a girl. When on land, she’s faced with new ambitious pursuits; to

India/19 MIN
Dir: Thessa Meijer

Award WinningFantasyDrama

  The story opens with a newly married Ravi & Suman arriving at his single room house, in Mumbai. Ravi is proud of the little nest he’s built. Suman is wide eyed and slightly

India/20 MIN
Dir: Saurabh Gupta


Straight from IFFLA 2019 comes this extremely quick-witted and original satire The Shaila(s).  In her desperate attempt to keep up with the Joneses, Lexi, a lonely South Bombay socialite plans

India/14 MIN
Dir: Neha RT