Trigger Warning: This film features some gruesome imagery that might put you off your poultry diet for a while Rahim Murga lived and loved in his short life before he was Halal-ed. In his

India/1 MIN
Dir: Devashish Makhija and Rajat Nagpal


  SYNOPSIS: A techie invents a time traveling mobile app, that seems to have worked after many attempts.A small mistake however makes him stuck in the past , creating a loop. About the

India/1 MIN
Dir: Abhishek Bhattacharyya


Ravan is a hilarious mockumentary on the last descendent of Ravan who works as a small time actor in the advertisement industry. As the last of his species he is harassed and chased by

India/4 MIN
Dir: Arati Kadav Zain Matcheswalla


Aditya Nair's Blur ends with a moment of clarity as two people with a connection come together. The rest of the world is noise and can be seen only at the edge of clarity. About the

India/4 MIN
Dir: Aditya Nair


Brouhaha is a short film made during lockdown by director Gaurav Madan illustrating the dilemma of Nandini who works as a househelp in Mumbai. The day India goes into full lockdown she

India/4 MIN
Dir: Gaurav Madan


Mannat is a sweet film about the friendship between a performing dwarf and a struggling actor as they sit outside Shahrukh Khan's home, waiting to catch a glimpse of the super-star. Facing

India/5 MIN
Dir: Ensia Mirza

IndianBed Time Stories

Synopsis: A mother, amidst her endeavours to buy her stubborn son some moments of happiness, realizes its value in a place she least expected.   About the Director: Ashutosh Jha

India/5 MIN
Dir: Ashutosh Jha


Terribly Tiny Tales came up with a bunch of short films for the Valentine's day, made by famous indie film directors. Here we present to you Bunny. A 5 minute twisted, funny and endearing short made by Vasan Bala (whose feature film Peddlers went to Cannes).

India/05 MIN
Dir: Vasan Bala


The ‘L’ in the short film stands for Learner, stuck on the back of vehicles carrying a new driver, the letter kind of begs for leniency and grace from other drivers while canceling out any

India/5 MIN
Dir: Amit Masurkar

IndianBed Time StoriesDrama

An endearing short film about a struggling street comedian and how his effort inspires a nation. About the Director: Pranit Sahni is currently pursuing his engineering degree in VIT

India/5 MIN
Dir: Pranit Sahni

IndianAward WinningBed Time Stories

Hiroshima is a take, an interpretation of the horrific events on the fateful island, marking the end of the last World War. It is visual poetry, a melange of emotions and feelings merged into the

India/6 MIN
Dir: Chandan Roy Sanyal

IndianThrillerAward Winning

JEP2 Man is a hilarious political satire about an innocent super-hero faced with a powerful nemesis. In the quaint little ghetto of Jangpura extention phase 2(JEP2), at local superhero

India/6 MIN
Dir: Faraz Alam