An actor flees to the woods to reconnect with nature.
by Craig Ainsley
10 Min / USA



An actor flees to the woods to read Carl Sagan's Cosmos, and to reconnect with nature, but the world has a way of finding you. Or actually eluding you just when you need those sweet network bars on your phone.

"Lesley" is the name of the Arj'sĀ agent and his only connection to the outside world. You see the actor fumble in the woods trying to reach his agent, record an audition and send it, get lost and then try to find his way back. In some way, it's the story of a man and his relationship with his phone.

The actor Arnab Chanda takes center-stage and is superb. He keeps his character real and relatable even as he gets into almost slapstick comedy mode. And the writer/Director Craig Ainsley keeps the jokes coming, mining this fish-out-of-water-but-desperate-for-water for every situation possible.


Lesley is an official selection of 2016 London Independent Film Festival