Chistopher Nolan's DoodleBug

A man is chasing a bug in an apartment but...
by Christopher Nolan
02 Min / USA



"A dream within a dream within a dream"

Before Nolan hit it big time with several successful motion pictures, he made this short psychological thriller that flirts with the idea of recursion. At that time he was studying English at University in London in 1997 and was 27 years old. The film is rather atmospheric and is enjoyable for that reason.

A man is trying to catch some sort of bug running around his room. He takes his shoes off and intends to crush it under the heel of his loafer. However as he slowly begins to track the bug down and trap it, things change dramatically but the man continues his course of action.

It is very much a student film as it seems like the sort of idea you have when you think that nobody else would ever think the same way. There is undeniably a spark of brilliance and ambition, willingness to play with the form, enthusiasm of trying out new camera techniques - and all that has flourished further in his future work. For this reason, this film is worth seeing mainly because of what its director has gone on to do since this. As a short film in its own right it is atmospheric enough and with an interesting premise to the point that it is worth a few minutes of your time.

Nolan made 2 other shorts after that but unfortunately they are nowhere to be found. We are sending our spies around to see if we can sniff those out :)!