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Mom And Family - ShortFilmWindow Evenings

Are you with your mom and want to indulge in an entertainment that will make the bond stronger. Watch the films here.

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Impeccably performed and superbly casted, Chuski is one of those rare authentic gems that tells a profound story in the most simple way. Sangita is a middle aged housewife in a lower

India/14 MIN
Dir: Utsav Sarkar


We have seen many old man/old woman robot films yet this one touches our heart because of its genuine simplicity and the final emotional twist that the writer, director has planted. This

Dir: Magali Barbe

Sci-FiAward WinningFamily

Time Machine is 40 minute romantic, science fiction story that deal with love, childhood and growing up. It stars Siddharth Menon, Twinkle Patel, Lovleen Mishra and Anjum Rajabali. Usually

India/39 MIN
Dir: Arati Kadav

IndianSci-FiRomanceFantasyBed Time StoriesDrama

Inspired by a simple real life event, Punha is a as semi-autobiographical, multi-dimensional short that weaves a complex social fabric of middle class small town Indian family unit.

India/13 MIN
Dir: Rohit Tiwari

IndianBed Time StoriesDrama

The ‘L’ in the short film stands for Learner, stuck on the back of vehicles carrying a new driver, the letter kind of begs for leniency and grace from other drivers while canceling out any

India/5 MIN
Dir: Amit Masurkar

IndianBed Time StoriesDrama

Fourteen years later, you can sometimes forget how deeply KBC got injected into the consciousness of this country. There had been game shows before, yeah, but the stakes were never this huge. A

India/19 MIN
Dir: Piyush Thakur

IndianAward WinningBed Time StoriesDrama

A father picks up his daughter from school and they walk home. She is in a bad mood and her father tries to talk her out of it. The girl is confused, scared and a little angry with her father for

India/5 MIN
Dir: Surya Balakrishnan

IndianBed Time StoriesDramaFamily