REGION: Sweden

Shot using a single camera, 90 people meticulously recreate a failed bank robbery that took place in Stockholm in June 2006. A superb single shot.  The short went on to win the Golden Bear at

Sweden/12 MIN
Dir: Ruben Ostlund

ThrillerAward WinningDrama

Think Dinosaur (with laser eyes), hot vikings, Thor, Hitler, Time Travel and Kung Fu. Add to it 80s style video games, cheesy one-liners and lots of humor. And now think that is your normal- your

Sweden/31 MIN
Dir: David Sandberg

ComedyFantasyDisaster Porn

Oscar winner heart warming story on a young man who still lives with his parents and try to perform magic. Funny, beautiful and with a great end.

Sweden/22 MIN
Dir: Simon J. Berger

ComedyOscar Winning