Time Travel Lover

A new couple are about to get romantic when they are interrupted by the guy's future self, who has traveled back in time to expose all that lies ahead in their rocky relationship.
by Bo Mirosseni
10 Min / USA



This film is on its way to be a feature film very soon.

Time travel in fiction as a conceit to reverse time can be poignant, or it can be a hillarious, like it it is here, where a couple about to be intimate with each other are interrupted by a series of the future versions of the man. Soon, every few minutes another version shows up, updating them on how the relationship pans out over the years, they hook up, she stops calling him, but they make up, but are miserable, but they marry -the chain continues till we see the son of the couple and his take on their relationship.

Smartly sidelining the head-scratching physics of time travel for a more farcical brand of comedy, this film offers a science fiction romp that keeps piling on the absurd for its entire duration, ramping up the outrageous so much that you’re certain the filmmakers have backed themselves into a corner they can’t escape — but then escape they do, and brilliantly.

The jokes fly off at a rapid-fire pace, with each new Matt adding another layer of depth and humor.

One of the biggest technical hurdles for the crew was believably employing a single actor for multiple roles . “Eye lines were hard,” Mirosseni said. “We had stand-ins with name cards taped to their chest with things like “Matt in three months,” or “Matt in ten years” and we would place them in different parts of the room for blocking purposes. That way we knew exactly where the different Matts were in the scene and — if they crossed any of the other Matts — we had to be sure we would have plates and green screen footage of them to assist in the post process.”

Got 10 minutes, then do watch this film.