This is a companion piece to Alphonso Cauron's Gravity that tells an event in the life of a man in Greenland when he recieves a radio call.

Anyone who has watched Gravity, will remember that Sandra Bullocks when she loses all hope makes a radio call from an abandoned space station asking for help. Instead of reaching any space station, the call gets lost and reaches a man on earth.

This is the story of that man who fails to understand her language. Just like Bullocks, he is also in the middle of hostile cold desert and is himself facing a personal problem. Both of them fail to understand eachother's language, but manage to find a connect that makes them express and state a problem which they would not have done otherwise.

Two people - two lives - vast, filled with sorrow, mysterious and deep, like the the surroundings they are in, one floating in space and one in ice cold desert, in their moment of grief and desperation, manage to share their deep fear. Beautiful and poignant - must watch - Aningaaq.