A small town fable of a boy who wants to celebrate birthday of puppies.
by Rohit Tiwari
13 Min / India

IndianBed Time StoriesDrama


Inspired by a simple real life event, Punha is a as semi-autobiographical, multi-dimensional short that weaves a complex social fabric of middle class small town Indian family unit. A small boy and his group wants to celebrate birthday of stray pups but they don't have money. As the group decides that this boy can arrange for some funds, he is left with no choice but to device a devious plan to steal money from his father, win lottery through it and then return the money back in a clandestine way.

The beauty of the film is interpersonal relationships, details of complex relationship between children and between different members of a family. The director, subtly exagerates characters and their intentions making the film really hilarious but at the same time it is a real close documentation of how small town families operate - fear of father, mother complaining about people wanting tea right after their afternoon siesta, the kids expecting money from visiting relatives, peer pressure and siblings inspite of all the fight - standing by eachother. You feel for the boy, whose innocent acts are misinterpreted and whose desire to celebrate birthday of pups seem so simple in comparison to the complex things he faces in day to day life. Punha is a beautiful coming of age story and is a must watch.