Brouhaha stands for organized chaos. This film is about one such instance of organized chaos during the corona pandemic.
by Gaurav Madan
4 Min / India



Brouhaha is a short film made during lockdown by director Gaurav Madan illustrating the dilemma of Nandini who works as a househelp in Mumbai. The day India goes into full lockdown she comes to know that her father has decided to walk 300 miles to his village in Orissa. While she struggles to communicate with her father, her employers, who are oblivious to her plight, are more amused than worried over the lockdown.

Director Gaurav Madan tries to illustrate the direct contrast of the different worlds that exist in modern india and shows the impact of lockdown esp through the point of view of Nandini, who is sitting in the crossroads, is helpless and worried about her father and is yet participating in the mundaneness of the household she works in.

The way her father is invisible for the household and for rest of us, she eventually realizes that inspite of working day in and out, her plight, and her identity is equally invisible for the people around her too.

Gaurav MadanAbout Gaurav Madan: He hails from Yamunanagar, a small dusty town in Haryana. He discovered a passion for writing and music when he was all of ten. His short stories and poems got published in children’s books such as Nandan, Champak and Hindi newspapers like Dainik Bhaskar and Punjab Kesri. Gaurav has been an ardent Film buff since childhood. In 2014, one of Gaurav’s feature Film scripts ‘Shaktipur Crude’ was a part of prestigious Sundance script lab. Since then he has been a part of many writer’s rooms and has been a semi-finalist in Cinestaan Storytellers 2017 and 2018.

His 2017 short Film ‘Sambhavtaha’ travelled to more than 50 national and international Film festivals including IDSFFK, MAMI and Kolkata International Film Festival and won numerous awards including Best Director, Best Writer and Best Short Film for Gaurav Madan. The film released on Zee5 in May this year along with another short that Gaurav wrote ‘Svah: so be it’.

In 2019 Gaurav wrote, co-produced and directed his maiden feature Film ‘Barah by Barah’ which is now complete and ready to tour Film festivals.