Romance in post-modern times between two unlikely individuals
by Isha Pungaliya
31 Min / India

IndianAward WinningDrama


Dwaraka is film about a waiter, Kanha in a godforsaken hotel in Pondicherry, India and a woman, Radhika stuck in a purely functional, childless marriage. The two meet when Radhika comes to the hotel with her husband for a vacation. As the characters of Kanha and Radhika are derived from Krishna and Radha, mythological characters from Mahabharata the Indian epic, they fall passionately in love despite a visible class difference. Kanha has been a womanizer but this time,it is different for him. Whereas Radhika, never having been in love before cannot fathom her happiness. The magic of love makes Kanha a considerate person, perfect in all regards, almost like Krishna himself. Which is precisely why he needs to end the relationship as Krishna ended it with Radha for the fear of the mundaneness that creeps in all romances. Krishna couldn't see something so precious, be tarnished by the rust of 'habit' and neither can Kanha, for in those few days, he has become Krishna. Kanha slips into his earlier self after separation whereas Radhika, finds herself pregnant despite the medical problem that has kept her childless so far.It’s a miracle, a residue of the magic they shared.

The film has won, Best Emerging Woman Film Director and Best Cinematography at the 3rd Mumbai International Shorts Film Festival and was an official selection at the Smita Patil Internation Film Festival.