El Grifo (The Faucet)

A man trapped in his own house. How a regular day can turn into horror
by Denis Rovira van Boekholt
15 Min / Spain



Every year we see some films, that effectively portray the trauma of a person trapped in a single location. And how our relationship with the location evolve, from a place of comfort or beauty to place of horror, to a place of nirvana. Whether you are stranded in a ocean, or space, or a wooden coffin, there is a desperate need to get out, the limits of human spirits are pushed, and then how gradually the desperation leads to defeat. Its the same desperation as that of a mice trapped in a mouse-trap, unwilling to give up, fight till last breath.

Faucet is one of those stories - told in gripping 15 mins, nicely shot in a single location, talks about the horrors of a person being trapped in his own house. Within 5 minutes of the movie, the director manages to make us as restless as the lead character( remarkably played by Enrique Asenjo). The film has won several awards in various festivals it played and is a must watch to learn how one can use a single location and yet very effectively tell a gripping, haunting story in just 15 min.