The Flying Man

A super powered vigilante defies the law using extreme violence to fight crime.
by Marcus Alqueres
09 Min / USA



This film grounds the super-hero idea in a real world scenario. Sightings of a flying man - a vigilante are being reported on TV and radio. The flying man seems to be having super human strength and there are mixed views on him delivering justice to criminals without giving them an opportunity of fair trial. Visuals of this unwelcome superman dropping people and cars from a height start haunting the city and its criminals.

We see the flying man from a distance, am omni-present super power and the large part of the story is about an ex-cop now involved in an illegal arms deal and his insecurities of being caught and killed by the flying man during a gig. At this point the film may seem to dip even though the thrill and suspense is tight and though we do expect the vigilante to show up, the maker fails to evoke much sympathy towards the protagonist. However, just before it ends, the film picks up impressively and ends with a menacing visual.

The director has been part of visual effects team of films like 300, The source Code and the Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Inspite of that while making the film he faced ususal challenges of the budget and lack of a big team. I think flying man is a good example of using vfx economically. First, hit them with great never seen before visuals and once the context and the magical premise is set then settle into the story, which can be very regular and devoid of any VFX.

The film has enjoyed massive popularity. It has to be noted that one doesnt see VFX of this kind from indie short film makers and the job that is done here is A-grade. The director is on his way to convert this short into a full-fledged feature film.