10 minutes

A profound film featuring a 8 minute single shot
by Ahmed Imamovic
10 Min / USA



What can happen in 10 mins? The film contrasts the life of a Japanese tourist with a bloody drama in Bosnia. One of the best long take that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

This short film lasts only 10 minutes but stays much longer with us. The film begins in a relaxed happy pace, in which probably most of us spend our days, where a japanese tourist has to wait for his photographs to be developed and the shopkeeper says he will take 10 minutes. What is 10 minutes anyways? Amount of time we spend on a social networking site or surfing the net, how much can life change?The film contrasts this with life of a boy in war struck Bosnia. Its just amazing to see how living with tankers and snipers have become a norm for him. This film very subtly shows his routine which involves fetching water hiding behind tankers to prevent himself by getting hit by a sniper. In the bakground we see (only if we look hard) that some neighbours have lost thier leg, some houses are vacant, the soldiers hiding in trenches are following a football match. It's a regular day for that boy, as regular as fetching a packet of milk from grocery storefor a kid in my neighbourhood. Somewhere however, just like a bad weather the enemies (probably hidden in a similar town as this) decides to open fire. As the boy makes his way home, your heart starts pounding if he will survive.

Though the small boy treats open firing in his neighbourhood as paintball game , the director is remarkably successful in keeping the viewer take this sitaution seriously and really care and worry about the protagonists. He keeps the film well structured, stripped of false pathos, realistic, and very straight forward.

Behind the scene: Ahmed Imamovic, in search of Japanese for the role of the tourist, had to go to the Japanese Embassy in Sarajevo and ask one of the staff to perform in the film. Luckily for the director, the Embassy allowed one of their employees to star in the film.