Gregory Go Boom

A dark, disturbing, weird, unusual black comedy of a paraplegic played by Michael Cerra.
by Janicza Bravo
17 Min / USA



Selected in Sundance and featured in Youtube Comedy Week, the film is probably one of the most debated short film with comments ranging from sophomoric and nihilistic to a dark comedy masterpiece, this film has evoked extreme reactions from critics and viewers alike.

The core story is of a paraplegic man, played by versatile and bitter Michael Cerra, who leaves his home (since he feels stifled by his sister taking care of him) and has blind date with three girls. He tries to follow a rebellious path but starts growing more and more frustrated and isolated because he realizes that everyone is as broken as he is, even though they might appear in control of their lives on the surface. In an interesting scene he is rejected by a woman for him being paraplegic and its later revealed that woman is pregnant (something that have been ground of her getting rejected by men). As his day progresses, he comes to realize that life outside is much worse and the film ends in a rather dark note.

The film makes good use of bare minimum, large and empty landscapes of mid-western USA and has a sinister and amusing soundtrack accompanying the character and his journey through the day. Michael Cerra endearing as always (even though he is playing a racist and unlikeable character) sucessfully portrays the person crippled by insecurities and wanting to get rid of them. Its an unusal and interesting film- Do watch and let us know your thoughts about it.

Note: The film has some adult content and contains offensive language.