A mother is determined to learn how to drive a scooter.
by Amit Masurkar
5 Min / India

IndianBed Time StoriesDrama


The ‘L’ in the short film stands for Learner, stuck on the back of vehicles carrying a new driver, the letter kind of begs for leniency and grace from other drivers while canceling out any mistakes they may make in the process of learning. You don’t honk at them even when they swerve into your lane or slow you down, you just carefully move around them.

The film is about three learners, a house-wife who learns to ride a bike and her husband and son that learn that she is made of stronger stuff than they give her credit for. Both of them reject her request for a small transformation, for some small personal growth, not because it threatens them, but because it would make them look ridiculous in the eyes of others.

L is a simple and sweet film and it creates a world in miniature. It shows how, people and their personalities become invisible after a while. You get used to seeing them as wives and mothers and it seems that is all they are or are capable of being. To the credit of the director, in 3 simple scenes (the last being a single shot), the film spans huge spaces emotionally.

L leaves a husband and son looking at their life-partner in a new light. A simple tale that is definite watch.