LANGUAGE: Japanese

444-444-4444 is a segment from Gakko no Kaidan G, a set of horror shorts made for school childen. It is directed by Takashi Shimizu .

Japan/3 MIN
Dir: Takashi Shimizu


"I'm a little eccentric so sometimes things don't go so well."

Japan/05 MIN
Dir: Kosai Sekine


Could be one of the most beautiful 5 minutes one has witnessed this weekend.

Japan/05 MIN
Dir: Ya Ting Yu

AnimationBed Time Stories

A journey through loss, space and memory. The film commemorates the victims of the tragic Sewol ferry accident, in which 304 out of 476 passengers and crew members died in 2014.

No regions/7 MIN
Dir: Nils Clauss

DramaShort DocFamily

Disaster porn can get stale, but Studio Ghibli's entry into the tokusatsu genre is a fresh visual delight even as it reaches back to classic monster movies and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

Japan/08 MIN
Dir: Higuchi Shinji

Disaster Porn

In 2003, Japan was plunged into economic darkness, and its people needed a ray of hope. They found one in Haru Urara, a racehorse with a pink Hello Kitty mask and a career-long losing streak.

USA, India, UK, Japan/18 MIN
Dir: Mickey Duzyj

Award WinningAnimationShort Doc

The Walking Fish tells the story of an ambitious sea-creature that pursues her dream to join the human world by becoming a girl. When on land, she’s faced with new ambitious pursuits; to

India/19 MIN
Dir: Thessa Meijer

Award WinningFantasyDrama

Interior Design is about a young couple, Hiroko and Akira, who have come to Tokyo to show Akira's film, carting the reels and the smoke-effects machine in the back of their car.

Japan/37 MIN
Dir: Michel Gondry