In 2003, Japan was plunged into economic darkness, and its people needed a ray of hope. They found one in Haru Urara, a racehorse with a pink Hello Kitty mask and a career-long losing streak.

Japan, UK, India, USA/18 MIN
Dir: Mickey Duzyj

Award WinningAnimationShort Doc

Could be one of the most beautiful 5 minutes one has witnessed this weekend.

Japan/05 MIN
Dir: Ya Ting Yu

AnimationBed Time Stories

444-444-4444 is a segment from Gakko no Kaidan G, a set of horror shorts made for school childen. It is directed by Takashi Shimizu .

Japan/3 MIN
Dir: Takashi Shimizu


Interior Design is about a young couple, Hiroko and Akira, who have come to Tokyo to show Akira's film, carting the reels and the smoke-effects machine in the back of their car.

Japan/37 MIN
Dir: Michel Gondry


"I'm a little eccentric so sometimes things don't go so well."

Japan/05 MIN
Dir: Kosai Sekine


Disaster porn can get stale, but Studio Ghibli's entry into the tokusatsu genre is a fresh visual delight even as it reaches back to classic monster movies and NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind.

Japan/08 MIN
Dir: Higuchi Shinji

Disaster Porn