Out Of Sight

A little girl confronts a robbery and strays from the road she is familiar with.
by Ya Ting Yu
05 Min / Japan

AnimationBed Time Stories


Could be one of the most beautiful 5 minutes one has witnessed this weekend.

From Japan, comes this simple, alluring, real and a wonderful student film about a girl who loses her way. After passing a hedge, she enters an unknown world. We realize that girl in question is blind and she starts discovering this new world gradually - Is it a stone? A ball? No its a cat. Is it a man? A woman? Or a woman who wears lots of perfume? That's where the strength of the animation medium comes in. It helps us "see" how a blind person gradually constructs the world around her with sounds, touch and imagination. And here as she discovers the world, the animator paints it for us in soft and cute colors. Without her guard dog, on her own, is when she really finds herself and the world around her.

Like beautiful japanese haiku poems, this simple story too compresses a keen sense of observation of life. Really beautifully executed, we cannot wait for more work from this super talented team. If you are a fan of Miyazaki's work, this is a must watch. If you are not, this will be a good primer to a beautiful world of japanese animation that awaits you!