Photo of Ghosts And Screams - ShortFilmWindow Evenings

Ghosts And Screams - ShortFilmWindow Evenings

A really scary set of horror films - sure to bring out screams in the audience

No of Films: 10

Total Runtime:

While there are quite a few quarantine films that are doing the rounds, this one thriller horror with a startling effect is a must watch for horror fans and general audience likewise. Infact if

Dir: Todd Spence


A young doctor, is assigned for her internship to a small hospital in Eerypur. Everything about that place seems unusal and weird and unexpected things start happening to her! The short is

India/15 MIN
Dir: Shilpa Srivastava


"Why is moon so lonely and still looks so beautiful" In this magical Pans Labyrinth sort of film Elisa a little girl aged ten, wishes upon a shooting star to see her Dad again. The bright star

Dir: Antonio Cardenas Gaehd


Synopsis: What happens when you wake up in a dream and find a stranger with no face following you? And every time you blink, you land up somewhere else, and he comes closer. Do you run, or do

India/12 MIN
Dir: Abhash Singh


[Warning: Very Disturbing. Not for Children - 18+] As we kickstart our horror fest, we present you the most popular film from ABC's of Death. The ABCs of Death is a

Dir: Lee Hardcastle

HorrorAnimationDarkDisaster Porn

5 people in  grocery store and a killer shopper kart! Killer Kart plays its inanimate-object-comes-to-life-to-kill-everyone story straight, setting up the characters quickly in broad strokes

Dir: James Feeney


A young girl wakes up and tells her sister that their mother has returned home and now they have to quietly sneak out.

Spain/3 MIN
Dir: Andres Muschietti


This highly effective short horror works on simple elemental fears of reaching the light switch on time, of being alone in your own room and possibly seeing shadows in the night.

Dir: David F. Sandberg


After breaking up with her boyfriend, all Anna wants is a quiet place to hole up. But Anna should have had a closer look at the fine-print of her rental contract – for the old Viennese apartment is a creature with never ending appetite, living off the youth of its residents. Only way to escape is delivering a new victim.

Austria/26 MIN
Dir: Dominik Hartl


Every year we see some films, that effectively portray the trauma of a person trapped in a single location.

Spain/15 MIN
Dir: Denis Rovira van Boekholt