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Oscar Winners

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Miracle Fish, nominated for Best Live Action Short at the 82nd Academy Awards, toys with the very seductive idea of being the last man on earth.

Australia/17 MIN
Dir: Luke Doolan


Wasp is 2004 Oscar winning short film by Andrea Arnold of Film Tank (Cannes winning feature) fame.

Dir: Andrea Arnold


A young boy is tormented by his dilusional mother's conviction that he is the new Messiah, and after leaving home, he tries to limit all human contact and adopt a completely normal lifestyle.

Dir: Helena Brooks


"I'm a little eccentric so sometimes things don't go so well."

Japan/05 MIN
Dir: Kosai Sekine


An Oscar winner - A father says goodbye to his young daughter. In time the daughter grows old, but within her there is always a deep longing for her father.

Dir: Michael Dudok de Wit

Bed Time StoriesOscar Winning

Oscar winner heart warming story on a young man who still lives with his parents and try to perform magic. Funny, beautiful and with a great end.

Sweden/22 MIN
Dir: Simon J. Berger

ComedyOscar Winning

A young black man is verbally harassed by an older woman on a streetcar, while the other passengers remain silent. He finally extracts his revenge.

Germany/10 MIN
Dir: Pepe Danquart