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Ravan is a hilarious mockumentary on the last descendent of Ravan who works as a small time actor in the advertisement industry. As the last of his species he is harassed and chased by

India/4 MIN
Dir: Arati Kadav Zain Matcheswalla


We love Daisy and her work and we love the idea of life size animation. The story of two brothers struggling with the care of their elderly mother. Creatively told through combining life-size

Dir: Daisy Jacobs

Award WinningAnimationFamous DirectorsDramaFamily

In a truly inspired vision, the short film imagines a world where Gravity is weakened by an accident. People under a certain weigh float away into the atmosphere. Survival depends on body mass.

Bulgaria/21 MIN
Dir: Kevork Aslanyan


Vanvaas deals with the brittle relationship between a father and son which starts with a slap and ends with a hug. The son starts his own business, brings in new things in the house, and the

India/7 MIN
Dir: Sandeep Modi


"Women come into your lives and create storms." Gentle, conversational, and filled with some surprising and ephemeral moments, like something grabbed from a random any-day that exists in the

Dir: Thea Gajic


Aditya Nair's Blur ends with a moment of clarity as two people with a connection come together. The rest of the world is noise and can be seen only at the edge of clarity. About the

India/4 MIN
Dir: Aditya Nair


"Why is moon so lonely and still looks so beautiful" In this magical Pans Labyrinth sort of film Elisa a little girl aged ten, wishes upon a shooting star to see her Dad again. The bright star

Dir: Antonio Cardenas Gaehd


Synopsis: The film revolves around enduring failure in the circle of life. It follows a struggling actor through failure, depression and finally perseverance. 'Abr; means a cloud in urdu, with

India/17 MIN
Dir: Ish Raheja


Synopsis: Dev is a moderately successful assistant director. Aarti is a high-flying advertising professional. They meet at a secluded beach, quite by coincidence, five years after they had a

India/38 MIN
Dir: Abhash Singh


Jef is a graphic designer or a guy who makes "thoughtfully designed graphic communication" on T-shirts and buttons on a Marian Colony. But the colony doesn't need him anymore and Ted is out of a

Dir: Nate Sherman and Nick Vokey


The Nostalgist is based on a short story by Daniel H Wilson (Robopocalypse) and was created as a result of a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised £32,000. The film begins with a father

Dir: Giacomo Cimini


Virtual Reality has been around in some form or other since the 80's, and as an idea much earlier in science fiction novels. It only now seems like we are ready to welcome it into our homes. The

Spain/6 MIN
Dir: Keiichi Matsuda