So You've Grown Attached

When is the right time for an imaginary friend to retire and leave his best friend?
by Kate Tsang
15 Min / USA

ComedyFantasyBed Time StoriesDrama


So You’ve Grown Attached is about X, an imaginary friend that has decided to fade out of the life of Izzy, his best friend for her own good. The film is a strange, moving story, a coming of age story told from the point of view of the imaginary friend we leave behind.

The film evokes childhood but seen from a strange window, because the only perspective we have is of a character that doesn't exist. It is filled with off-kilter details like a Bureau for Imaginary Friends which offers retirement plans to its employees. X's case handler is, of course a Teddy Bear.  Or a local watering hole where the imaginary friends meet to talk and complain about their better halves, their children friends. X with his black-hole face and expressive eyes is immediately memorable. And you can feel his heartbreak, you don't have to be imaginary to know what it feels like when friends move on, or when you are too old to play with your toys.