All the kids in this underage observation center are behaving too well. Why?
by Aadish Keluskar
15 Min / India



Tatpaschat is a story of kids in an observation home. It shows a day when all the kids have become completely discliplined and the rest of the faculty wonder what they are upto?

With a strong mise-en-scene construction, and meticulous choreography, the director gradually unfolds the story of the film and everyone's point of view treating entire group of children like a singular unit, uniformed, cropped hair, going about their daily tasks in a rhythmic fashion, like robots. The attention and uniqueness of details in images will leave you with multitude of haunting images - rubber chappals with worn out soles, a fan that won't stop turning, breaking the silence that is all required.The film also questions our perceptions - our point of view towards people who live in the outskirts of our societies and our idea of a righteous life. Are we just the observers of their crimes, or are we participants too?

The film has been to lots of film festivals and is one of the strongest short films from India.