The Astronaut And His Parrot

An astronaut free falling to his death wants to reach out to his daughter.
by Arati Kadav
16 Min / India

Sci-FiAward Winning


After an accident, an astronaut floats adrift in space, with less and less oxygen available to him. Aware of his impending death, he only wishes to speak to his daughter one last time. However, no one receives his transmissions… except for a parrot at the kiosk of a fortune teller. A funny, morbid and touching film, from the director of CARGO (2020).  

AsttoThe film went on to premiere at the Fantasia Festival where it won the Best Director and Audience Choice award and later went on to win Best Director award at other festivals like Syndney Scifi, Fantasy+Scifi. It stars Ali Fazal who shines in the role of a lone astronaut, trying his best to reach his daughter and brings a charm and poignancy to. 

The film garnered good reviews at various places it played.

"Arati Kadav’s lo-fi sci-fi is beautifully conceived, as tender and fleeting as life itself" - The Hindu

"A beautiful story of an astronaut and a parrot that I didn’t know was going to make me cry but oh boy was it worth it! Ali Fazal gave the performance of his life as Iqbal Ali." - Social Ketchup


Co - Producer - Rahul Puri
Cinematographer - Kuldeep Mamania
VFX Supervisor - Zenish Mehta
Editor - Shini JK
Sound Designer - Sarit Chatterjee
Music - Shezan Shaikh
Production Designer - Garima Akshata Malhan

Associate Director - Shray Gupta
Executive Producer - Devendra Gandhi
Line Producer - Santosh Kadam
Post Producer - Akash Banerji
DI Colorist - Andres Delgado
Making of - Manas Ajmera
Assistant Directors - Pranay Aggarwal and Joshica Krishna Kumar
Action Director - Prateek Parmar
Costume Designer - Nikhil Sharma
Producer (Electric Films) 

Written And Directed by - Arati Kadav